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09/25: Stocks to Watch- AOL Time Warner, Ault, Engage Technologies, Herman Miller, Roadway, Steiner Leisure, and more  FULL ARTICLE
09/25: Wall Street Trader- "Buy Alert.  Copart Inc (CPRT)"  FULL ARTICLE
09/24: Daily Reckoning- " My prediction: GDP will fall in the third and fourth  quarters. In fact, the fourth quarter might be  especially dismal. But some kind of sharp but fleeting  recovery will likely materialize in the first quarter of  2002. .."  FULL ARTICLE
09/21: Reality Check- " The tremendous uncertainty over the pre-and now post attack economy and military future has portfolio managers dumping stocks at wholesale prices. This is normally considered the capitulation that leads to solid market lows... "  FULL ARTICLE
09/21: Daily Reckoning- "  The losses are beginning to feel like real money. For  investors trading on margin, the losses are feeling like > lots of real money..."  FULL ARTICLE
09/18: Global Capital- " The monetary easings will likely not have a major impact on the [Japanese] economy as consumers will probably not be inclined to increase their levels of consumption. Rather, today’s monetary moves have a psychological impact that show solidarity with global monetary authorities..."  FULL ARTICLE
09/18: Forex News- "Yesterday, the BoJ implemented measures to inject liquidity in markets in a surprising unsterilized intervention to weaken the yen against the dollar. The BoJ move is considered more symbolic and mainly planned to turn away an immediate liquidity crisis, ahead of September 30, the end of the first half of fiscal year..."  FULL ARTICLE
09/17: Reality Check- " We suspect that "support" levels are absolutely a worthless exercise in futility at this time. The selling will either exhaust itself on its own or will find enough buyers to halt the selling, combined with the potential for short covering as the temptation to book their profits becomes overwhelming... "  FULL ARTICLE
08/20: The Week Ahead In Foreign Exchange- "  The FOMC will convene on Tuesday and is expected to ease policy by 25 bp and possibly shift to a neutral bias. Consumer price pressures in the U.S. are softening and many cite nascent deflationary pressures..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: European Stocks Hit By Technology, Telecom Losses - "British mobile giant Vodafone weighed down on the London market, falling 3. 3 percent to 143.25 pence after its chief executive, Christopher Gent, said the group was putting the brake on construction of next-generation mobile phone networks..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: Daimler Chrysler Back On The Road To Profit- "DaimlerChrysler managed to steer itself back to profit in the second quarter of the current year after skidding into the red in the first three months..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: Mixed Tech Results As Investments Sap Profits At Microsoft, Dell- "Huge investment losses sapped Microsoft's earnings in the fourth quarter, allowing the software giant to register a profit of 66 million dollars, compared to 2.55 billion dollars a year ago..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: Whole New Look Breaks Zenith From Its Past- "TIn a new $30 million campaign geared as much to the all-important retail trade that has seen Zenith come and go and come back again as it is to consumers, the venerable television company is laying out a new theme and digital direction..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: Southwest Among Only 3 Airlines To Post Gains- "As the rest of the industry grappled with a slowing economy, Southwest, Alaska and Continental Airlines Inc. were the only carriers to post net gains for the period between April and June..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: FTC Attorneys Want To Keep Quaker, Pepsico Apart- "...staff attorneys at the Federal Trade Commission have recommended the agency go to court to block the proposed $13.8 billion merger between the two companies..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: Welch Will Leave GE Soon, But Its Stock Will Be Just Fine - "Welch is widely credited with the stellar performance of GE stock the past two decades. But whatever premium Wall Street has awarded GE, it's not going to go rushing out of the blue-chip stock when Welch departs on Sept. 7, experts say..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: Stocks Lower, Euro Steady At Frankfurt Open- "Shares on the Frankfurt stock exchange tumbled on Friday with the main DAX index opening 1.28 per cent lower at 5,754..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: Financial Watchdogs Seen With Task of Staying Relevant Amongst Globalization- "Financial regulators face the delicate task of staying relevant in an era of globalisation and consolidation of financial institutions, a monetary conference in Singapore was told Friday..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/20: Philippine Stock Exchange Launches SME Listing Board- "The Philippine Stock Exchange on Friday launched a new listing board for small and medium-size enterprises (SME), which the country's finance chief hailed as an "innovative funding alternative" for the economy's "backbone"..."  FULL ARTICLE
07/10: Market Chart- " A retest of the 48.5-49.7 support is likely in the near term, with the next major support then at 45.6-46.0 (a level that held in both February and April), and at October's low of 41.6..."  FULL ARTICLE
03/08: Contributed Insight- This Week's Guest Columnist: Michael Levy  FULL ARTICLE
03/07: Mitch Harris: Chart of the Week- " The indicators have turned bullish, with the exception of the slower moving MACD indicator on the bottom, which is JUST turning bullish now... "  FULL ARTICLE
03/01: Today's Chart- Ariba Inc (ARBA).  "Short, long, and intermediate term trends remain down, and the stock is unlikely to disobey the laws of gravity any time soon..."  FULL ARTICLE
12/08: Tulips AM Market Commentary- "Gone were the children of Goldilocks, dashed to bits were dreams of silicon pots of gold at the end of every rainbow, our fearless hero the Pre-Emptive Crusader had long since put down his rate hike baton, and the acrid smell of dot death permeated the holiday season air...."  FULL ARTICLE
11/13: Breakout Watch- General Motors, Walt Disney Co, Home Depot  FULL ARTICLE

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